Our company “In Rent” has been engaged in car rental services for more than 4 years and during our work, we have established a legally reliable system for drawing up a contract. The rental agreement in our organization is an official document that reflects all the rental conditions: terms, cost and responsibility of the parties

Documents and requirements for you

Required documents:

1. Citizen’s passport (original).

2. Driver’s license (original).

* Foreign guests will need a passport, driver’s license and a document confirming the right to stay on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan (registration).
* Foreign guests who have a national driver’s license that meet the requirements of the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic are valid on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan if there is a certified translation.

Additional Information

• The minimum age of the client is 24 years.

• Driving experience should be 4 years.

• The deposit of 2.000.000 UZS for Chevrolet Spark, Nexia-III, Cobalt, Gentra.

• The deposit of 3.000.000 UZS for Chevrolet Orlando, Tracker-II, Captiva-III, Captiva-IV, Malibu-II, Malibu-II Premier, Equinox and Kia Seltos.

• The deposit of 4.000.000 UZS for Chevrolet Equinox 2023 and Škoda Kodiaq.

• The deposit of 5.000.000 UZS for Kia Carnival 2023.

• Late return of the car for 1 hour – not subject to payment. If you are late for more than 1 hour, each incomplete 1 hour is considered at the rate for Spark, Nexia, Cobalt, Gentra – 50.000UZS / hour. Orlando, Tracker, Captiva, Malibu, Equinox, Seltos and Kodiaq – 100.000UZS/hour.

* Late after 19:00 for 1 hour – not subject to payment, subject to notification of delay. Late after 19:00 without notice or more than 1 hour later is considered as 1 day late.

*The deposit is returned 5 days after the return of the car, provided that there are no fines from the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, violations of the clauses of the Rental Agreement and claims of third parties.


Car insurance conditions:

1. All our cars are insured under OSAGO AND CASCO.

2. Within the limits of the collateral provided, a franchise is used, i.e. The insurance company is not liable for damage within the amount of the deposit.

3. For damages, the amount of which exceeds the amount of the deposit – the insurance company pays the amount of damage in excess of the amount of the deposit, provided that the damage is registered by calling the traffic police officers.

4. In the event of an accident and evasion of the parties from registering the incident with the help of the Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate, the Client is fully responsible for compensation for the damage.

5. The Company has the right to demand compensation from the Client for the cost of the car being idle at a car service company during repairs after an accident.

Additional Information

1. In the event of an accident, you must first notify the Company by phone +998 78 140-50-05, +998 99 530-50-05.

2. It is imperative to call the traffic police and file an accident in accordance with the current traffic rules.


1. Mileage is limited to 300 km/day. With a rental period of more than 1 day, the mileage limit is summed up based on the total number of days.

2. For each speeding exceeding 120 km/h, the Client pays the Company a fine in the amount of 100,000 UZS.
At the same time, the Client is not released from liability for speed violations in accordance with the current Traffic Rules.

3. It is forbidden to travel outside the Republic of Uzbekistan


1. The Lessee is responsible for all fines and traffic violations that occurred during the validity of the Vehicle Lease Agreement.

2. The Lessee undertakes to comply with all the terms of the Lease Agreement and the Pledge Agreement, as well as other conditions of the Company.

3. The lessee has no right to transfer the right to drive a car to third parties.


1. Cash in the office.


3. By transferring funds under lease agreements with resident legal entities of the Republic of Uzbekistan.