It is quite simple to rent car in Tashkent or any other large city. But, before going to the car rental, it is important to know which details you should pay attention to, in order to be happy with the service. We have prepared some advices, which are going to help you to manage with the car deal.

1. Explore all the legal aspects carefully.

Nobody likes to read contracts and deal with the text fulled of legal terms, especially when it is all about renting a car. According to the statistics this is the main reason of client’s discontent. But as is known ignorance of the law was no excuse. If you don’t want to read then ask, specify and don’t be afraid of being meticulous. Advisor gets salary for giving advices to clients and answering all the questions you are interested in. Just believe that it won’t make much trouble, and you will be free of misunderstanding.

2. Explore the details of car rental conditions.

Every car rental company has it’s own right to establish their conditions. In order to avoid breaking these conditions and from the other side deny yourself any additional bonuses, specify what is included in the car rent. Does company deliver cars with the full fuel tank or you should purchase it by yourself, is there any restrictions in mileage. Some companies points out the maximum mileage for the period.

3. Decide the period of renting in advance.

Most of the companies adopt the system, when the long-term car renting costs less than a few days car renting. That’s why in case of long-term plans of exploiting the car use the discount system.

Forewarned is forearmed. We wish you a pleasant rental!